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If you know of a brother knight who is sick, in distress, or recently passed,
please contact Vincent R. Menegus at 610-252-6196 or by e-mail at jmenegus@rcn.com

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Typically the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
Msgr. Gobitas Room at St. Jane Frances de Chantal Church

Wednesday, 07/12/17
7:00 Rosary, 7:30 PM Business Meeting

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Our Next Event

9/13/17 Wednesday, 7:00 PM Installation of Officers (MGMR)

See the Events page for more detailed event information & the current list of events for 2016 & 2017.

Grand Knight's Message

Brother Knights:

I am sorry for being a little behind with my schedule but right now my time is limited.  This update is the first notice for the new fraternal year starting in July 2017 and is intended to cover July and August activities.  Just want to remind everyone that our Council converts to a summer schedule and only has one (1) meeting in July (7/12/17) and in August (8/9/17) so please note this on your calendars

New & Advancing Members
There are still two pending first degree candidates which we hope to initiate.  We are considering using the Admissions (1st) Degree CD in July to complete this exemplification.

The Retention Committee lead by Vince Menegus has been calling Brother Knights to advance their degree.  Everyone else please offer your assistance to Vince whenever you can.

FYI, not having second meetings in July and August should not delay or slow down our recruitment efforts. Please RECRUIT---RECRUIT---RECRUIT every month.

Degree Updates
When we learn more on the next Knighthood (3rd) Degree we will inform all eligible candidates.

A Patriotic (4th) Degree exemplification was held on Saturday June 10, 2017. Our Council had one Brother advance to this Degree, Bob Smith.  Lets offer our congratulations to Bob.

Assembly News
The Pope Pius XII Assembly will have their July meeting on Thursday 7/20/17 --- this meeting will be held at 7:30 PM at the Martins Creek Council #14082.

Their August meeting will be on Thursday 8/17/17 --- this meeting will be held at 7:30 PM at the Riegelsville Council #4545.

The Council's website has been moved to a new host.  Brothers are needed to assist Vince Condello, Webmaster, and Mike Andreano, Consultant to assist with picking, layout, format, colors, content, etc.  If interested please contact Vince. 

This is the highest-priority project on Council's agenda.

This project has been delayed too long, so there will be a meeting immediately before Council's July meeting starting at 6:30 PM. Invitees besides Vince Condello, Mike Andreano, and Steve Farnesi are Nick Benatti, Peter Dudine, and David Yingling. Any other Brother that could attend, please do so and offer your feedback.  Not having this website up and running to serve as our primary vehicle of communications is costing the Council money by requiring the mailing of a newsletter to all members.

Insurance Agent
Our agent, John Hoolick, is available to discuss the many Knight voluntary insurance\investment programs.  Let me know if there is a large enough group interested and I will arrange to have John attend one of our meetings. If you want a private consult, John's cell number is 570-574-1419.

Volunteers will be needed to produce a newsletter for delivery to all members of our Council.  This newsletter should contain the meeting schedule and list of events planned for the entire upcoming fraternal year 2017-18.  I am asking Frank Gualano and Bill Abert to coordinate this matter so that this newsletter will be mailed before 8/1/17.

I have provided an analytical review of our roster.  There are some interesting facts that I would like to share with the members ---

  • Our Council has 298 members
  • Of these 298 members, 266 have made their 2nd degree, and 226 have made their 3rd degree
  • We have 103 members that are 4th degree members
  • We have 13 Honorary Members and 79 Honorary Life Members, of which 21 are priests
  • We have 12 members that live outside the Easton\P'burg geographic area.

To receive a "Star Award" we need to recruit 21 new members each year (7% of our total membership).  This makes it nearly impossible for our Council to achieve.  If an adjustment to the Star Award formula were made so the Honorary\Honorary Life\and out-of-state members were removed from the calculation for the Star Award, our Council would only need 14 new members to make Star Council, a number we came close to (11 new members) in the last fraternal year.

On behalf of our Council I will be preparing a resolution to be presented at the State level for their support to petition Supreme with this resolution so that older and larger Councils are not adversely  affected because of their large numbers of senior members, many of which are not active because of age and health issues.

Planned\Pending Activities
1). The new fraternal year means new officer assignments begin with the July 12, 2017 meeting.  The installation of officers will take place the first meeting of September, 9/13/17.  The rosary portion of the meeting will not be conducted in September.  All officers, their spouses\significant other, and all Council members are encouraged to attend.  Refreshments will be served.

2). The Scholarship Essay Contest winner received their scholarship checks in June.  The winners were Patrick Sidor going to Bethlehem Catholic, and Mark Petrik, son of Brother Knight John Petrik, going to NDHS.

3). The Fifth Sunday Rosary Program will be conducted as follows --- Sunday 7/30/17 at St Anthony's Church at 10:00 AM before their 10:30 Mass; Sunday 10/29/17 at OLOM Parish at 2:00 PM.

Mike Hunsicker is coordinating this program so he will let us know about having the rosary said on Sunday 12/31/17 at St Jane's Church.

4). Initiate having a designated "Mass with the Catholic Daughters of America" to celebrate and pray for each organizations' success to their principles of charity, unity, and fraternity.

5).  While it was a learning experience and a continuing work-in-progress, our Council's treasury received $600 for their efforts at St Anthony's Festa making fried dough.

6). Our Council does not participate in the COAL (Chance-of-a Lifetime) Program because of the timing and limited return to the Council.  However, by not participating we are excluding any children of Knights in our Council from being eligible to be participants in the PA Knight's Scholarship Program.  This needs to be discussed and hopefully a Brother Knight, especially one with college age or younger children, will step forward to Chair and coordinate this effort.  A minimum of 50-COAL books must be sold by Council in order for eligibility to participate.  Many of us will support this program if a newer member will chair this committee.

7). The "Football Sweeps Program" will begin in August 2017.  Jerry Krenik has coordinated this effort in past years.  Jerry will be able to hand-off this committee chairmanship to Joe Cignarella who has accepted the responsibility to coordinate the distribution and collection of these tickets.

We have historically been selling around 200 tickets and made about $1,200 for Council.  If we can sell all 300 tickets we will obviously make more money for Council by increasing our returns by an additional $600-$800.

8). Palmer Days will be held Thursday 8/17/17 through Sunday 8/20/17.  Tom & Dee Rafferty will be calling workers to verify their availability, but if you know your availability don't wait to receive a call, just call Tom or Dee at 610-258-9491 so they can place you on the schedule.

Council will be ordering T-shirts and hats for Palmer Days.  The hats will be the same yellow hat used during the Lenten Fish Dinners;  the shirts will be yellow with green lettering.  The cost is $10 a hat, $10 a t-shirt and Fran Pullo will collect your orders and money at the meeting on 7/12/17.  FYI, there is no requirement to purchase this merchandise, it is strictly voluntary.  What is a requirement is to wear a hat while inside the tent area.

9). The Knight of the Year Dinner will be held on Friday, October 6, 2017.  In an effort to increase participation and recognize members and spend Council's money more prudently, this year I am proposing to this committee to invite the 10 oldest members in our Council (along with one guest) to be our special guest at this event to honor our new Knight of the Year.  I have sent a list to Bill Bogari to confirm the members I have identified.

Good of the Order
If you know of a brother knight who is sick, in distress, or recently passed, please contact Vince Menegus.  The Council would like to extend its prayers to all Brother Knights and their families, especially those Brother that have a special intention.  Please keep in your prayers the Robert Piccione Family as our Brother Knight Robert has passed away.  Also recently learned that Pat Clark has been hospitalized after having a heart attack so keep him, as well as Brother Barry Laudenslager (surgery on neck\back) in your prayers.

Look forward to seeing many of you at Palmer Days as well as our meetings on 7/12 & 8/9/17.

Vivat Jesus!
Jim Di Paolo, Grand Knight #345

Vivat Jesus!


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Union Council 345
was formed 120 years ago in the City of Easton and has a distinguished record of service to both our catholic parishes and our community. Our Council serves the parishes of Holy Ghost, Our Lady of Lebanon, Our Lady of Mercy Parish, St Anthony's of Padua, and St Jane Frances de Chantal.  As Knights we try to create a better world through charity and volunteerism. If you are looking to live out your faith in the spirit of charity by helping others, the Knights of Columbus welcomes you to join and become a Knight.

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